AF-518  primary advantages come from its innovative functional principle of having a trapezoidal profile cross-section, where the sides of the profile slope towards the seal surface. This design allows the seal to maintain a strong and compact form that is typical of piston seals, while still possessing the necessary flexibility to achieve maximum compression related to pressure.

By allowing for a slight tilting movement of the seal, the edge angle of AF-518 provides an extra degree of freedom. This causes the maximum compression to always shift towards the area of the seal edge that is directly exposed to pressure. On the low-pressure edge of the seal, AF-518 only has zones with neutral strains and no compressive or shearing loads, which effectively reduces the risk of gap extrusion.

Special Features:
Very good static performance.

Large extrusion gap causes good performance in contaminated/dirty medias. Also wit ha variety of different seal materials.

Low friction and no stick slip effect.

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