Accofluor Spring Activated Lip Seals

610D (single acting, durable lip)

AF-610D is our standard and best-selling ASL-seal.
It provides a tight seal whether the system is in motion or stationary. The fact that the seal seal is activated by a metal spring, rather than the typical rubber O-ring, gives it a range of sometimes crucial advantages:

  • No deformation-set
  • Expanded chemical compatibility
  • Tolerates a much larger temperature span
  • Very low friction coefficient, even compared to other PTFE seals, due to having a tiny contact area with the counter surface.



  • The dynamic lip is thick, to ensure a long lifespan for the seal
  • Long shelf life



  • Operation pressure: Up to 45 MPa (450 bar)
  • Velocity: 15 m/s
  • Temperature: -70°C to 260°C