Piston Wear Ring

Guide rings PWR and RWR are wearrings base on either cotton-, aramid- or phenolic fabric with polyester or phenolic resin and the addtion of fillers for different application.

Fillers are for example graphite, MoS2 or PTFE

AF-9600    Cotton fabric, phenolic resin (Brown)
AF-9660    Synth fabric, phenolic resin and PTFE (Brown)
AF-9200¬† ¬† Polyester fabric, polyester resin and PTFE (T√ľrqouise)
AF-9210     Polyester fabric, synth fiber and graphite (Grey)
AF-9215     Polyester fabric, phenolic resin  and MoS2 (grey)
AF-9610     Cotton fabric, phenolic resin and graphite (Grey)
AF-9612     Aramid fabric, phenolic resin and graphite (Grey)

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